Friday, December 14, 2012

365 Days of Blogging.... coming soon!

I was inspired to do this because I came across some posts on one of my favorite travel blogs, Brooke vs. the World. She did a 365-day blogging challenge in 2011. Therefore, I am going to do the same. I really want to start blogging more seriously. So, starting January 1, 2013, I will post something every day of 2013. Whether it be a full-on blog post, or just a picture and a description, I am going to post every day. It might be about my current town in Normandy, France; my current school life teaching ESL to middle schoolers; my travels I have planned in February, April, and May; or anything else I deem sufficiently travel related and appropriate. I have been blogging on tumblr, but I felt I should repurpose this old blog I had on blogspot for this challenge instead. I am going to transition my tumblr to be for more general things it was meant for, like GIFs of cats and Doctor Who. I will update this in the coming weeks, occasionally, but starting in January it will be daily. I promise. PS You may have also noticed there is an old post from 2010 on here. I deleted the rest of them I wrote back then (they were badly written, and not that interesting) but I kept this one because I felt it was still relevant and useful.

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