Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Day 1: New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year, everyone!!! Hard to believe it's now 2013, huh?

So for Day 1 of my 365 day blogging challenge, I decided to go traditional and cheesy and write about my New Year's Resolutions. They're mostly about travel (for obvious reasons) but there's some personal stuff in there too.

1) The biggest thing is to make New Zealand happen. I just got a whiff of encouragement today because I went to see The Hobbit.

I love seeing all that beautiful scenery in the background of the film; it really makes me want to go there. Plus, I realized if I go in late October/early November like I plan, I'll be there for the release of the 2nd Hobbit film and maybe can go to the premiere!

2) Visit at least 5 new places. I'm already planning New Zealand obviously, but then also Italy and Germany this spring. I'm also hoping to go to Iceland in May, and maybe the Czech Republic while I'm in Germany. That makes 5, so hopefully plans stay the same.

3) Make exercise a regular thing. Not because I necessarily want to lose weight, I wouldn't be upset if I did or didn't, just because I know I'm not that healthy and it would be better for me. I'm really lazy most of the time and still get winded sometimes going up to my apartment on the fifth floor. After 3 months of living there, that shouldn't still happen!

4) Visit more of the US and visit Canada. I have friends and family spread out all over the continent now, and most of them in places I've never been (like in the Rockies or Canada) or haven't been in years. So I really want to go and visit them. Having a free place to stay is a perk, of course too.

5) Never take a job just because it's offering. I am not desperate enough for money to work at Wal-mart or McDonald's when I go home for a few months. I will probably need a job to work part-time in order to make a bit of a living, and not use my savings which are for NZ, but I refuse to do work like that when I clearly have a higher skill set than that and I also believe those companies are horrible and corrupt.

6) Make it a priority to stay positive in life about all things, even if I experience setbacks to my plans.

 I have a problem doing this right now because I'm generally a positive person but then if something goes wrong, my optimism completely tanks and I start feeling like it's my fault that things have gone wrong, when sometimes, shit just happens.

So that's basically it. These are my resolutions for 2013! If you want to share, what are some of your travel (or normal) resolutions for this new year?

xx Kaylin

PS because it's still the holiday season, here's a pic of me and my crown that came out of my very first Christmas Cracker during my Very British Christmas.

(Pictures courtesy of businessandleadership.com for the NZ picture, and tumblr.com for the drawing; couldn't find the actual [tumblr of the] person who drew it, but I'd be happy to credit if it's yours. Leave me a comment and I totally will. Picture of me is obviously all mine.)

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