Sunday, January 13, 2013

Day 13: Upcoming travel plans in France

I was originally going to write about a different topic today but have decided to save it for another time because my brain is just not wanting to write anything in-depth today.

BUT, I would like to share a couple things I've decided.

I've talked about my trip to Italy that's coming up in February and (briefly) about my trip to Germany in April. However, I of course would like to do some traveling in France too! So I thought about some places in France I'd really like to go before I leave and came up with the following.

1) The D-day Beaches near Caen, France.
  - Where the Allied Forces landed on June 6, 1944; there's also a museum in Caen and an American Cemetery.

2) Mont-St-Michel island monastery
  - A beautiful castle/monastery just off the coast of Lower Normandy. At low tide, you can walk there. A monastery has existed there since the 8th century!

3) Nice, France
  - The French Riviera! What's not to love? Plus, I know an assistant who is teaching there now and I'd like to visit her.

The D-day beaches are closest to me so I am thinking about hitting those up in February, but I might wait until later depending on how much money I have for Italy. Mostly because I want to do a tour there, and that's a bit expensive (but the best way to see all the sites).

Not sure about when to go to Mont-St-Michel either, as I haven't done much research about it yet, but the plan now is to go to Nice in mid-March. Hopefully they will have some good weather then! (Their weather is generally way better than Normandy anyway.)

Anyway, that's all for today! Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend. See you again soon!

xx Kaylin

(Pictures credit: 1-; 2-wikipedia Mont-St-Michel article; 3- )

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  1. Woo for numbers 1 and 3! Also I've heard of Mont-St-Michel, from French classes I think, but I had no idea it was in Normandy!