Monday, January 14, 2013

Day 14: An Open Letter to French People

Hey all! This blog won't be very long today, because I spent too much time skyping a friend in Canada (even though it was awesome to catch up) and too little time doing my school planning, so I'm running late and need to go to bed soon!

This post in inspired by something I saw today coming home from work.

Chers Les Françaises,

Bonjour! Ça va? D'accord, bon, maintenant j'ai votre attention avec mon utilisation de français...

I generally sing France's praises to silly Americans who dislike it for no reason, or stupid reasons (I'm looking at you, "freedom fries" people). For instance, I'm a huge fan of your healthcare system. The train system, SNCF, is generally awesome, despite occasional strikes.

But this is one thing I really can't stand here.


Seriously. There are signs and everything.

It is not a normal day if I don't have to hop over a pile of crap on the sidewalk, often with a smeary footprint in it.

Why is it so hard to pick up after your dog, or at the very least, take them somewhere that it won't matter if they take a crap there? Like, for instance, the beach which is three blocks away? It's winter, no one's on the beach. Or, the church grassy yard that's roped off half a block away? No one ever goes there. OR... JUST PICK UP AFTER YOUR DOG, YOU LAZY ASS. I've never even owned a dog before (cat person here) but even I know that is one of the things you have to commit to when you get a dog. Walk them, feed them, clean up their poop.

Today, I actually saw someone pick up their dog's poop. The first time in ALMOST 4 MONTHS BEING HERE. I joyfully expressed my excitement on Facebook for finally seeing this miraculous thing happen. Want to know the responses?

"Must be someone from elsewhere who has settled in France..."
"This is a lie. I don't believe you."
"It's a German/Austrian (person)."
"No way, she is probably from Belgium or Quebec. TOTALLY NOT FRENCH."

This is your legacy, French people. People who leave steaming piles of shit behind on sidewalks everywhere.  Do yourselves, and everyone else who visits France for long or short term, a favor. PICK UP YOUR DOG'S SHIT PLEASE.

Yours sincerely,
Kaylin (and every other non-French person living in or visiting France)

(photo belongs to me.)

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