Sunday, January 27, 2013

Day 27: 10 things I've learned this weekend

1. French administrative paperwork is never done.

2. It is possible to survive a week on 20€.

3. Enough chocolate and coca-cola for the weekend is an important thing to spend that 20€ on.

4. French light bulbs suck and are bound to fail on Sundays when any and all stores you could replace them at are closed.

5. I can MacGuyver the shit out of stuff when said light bulbs fail in my dark windowless bathroom.
5b. Always bring your headlamp.

6. I REALLY hope we get paid tomorrow so I don't have to survive another few days on the remainder of that 20€.

7. Supernatural is an awesome show and I have no idea why I've never watched it before.

8. If important people re-tweet your blog URL, you get alot more hits than normal.

9. I just got way distracted by photobucket's new photo editing section. They have an airbrush button! (yes, I used it on the pic above, but I didn't airbrush it, I just lightened it up a bit)

10. Blogging every day is kind of impossible, but I'm gonna try my best anyway.


  1. I wouldn't say I lived on 20 euros a week on France (I was an assistant - like you), but... when I was so broke (during my early days in France), I came pretty close.

    1. Haha, it was only for that one week. I didn't budget well enough. We got paid a week early in December because of the holidays so living off the same amount of pay for 5.5 weeks (instead of the usual month) in addition to my trip at Christmas to England... didn't bode well for my finances lol