Sunday, January 6, 2013

Day 6: Looking Forward to Italy in February

I spent the last day of my vacation doing absolutely nothing. And it was awesome.

I can't believe my Christmas holidays are ending! I had such a wonderful time in England for Christmas and New Year's.

(Warning: the images on here are art pieces but still might be considered NSFW as they contain nudity.)

Looking forward, I am now attempting to plan my trip to Italy in February. I am planning to go from Feb 20 to March 2, so about a week and a half. I will be visiting Florence (4 days including a half-day in Pisa), Rome (4 days), and Naples (2 days including day trip to Pompeii). I can't wait!! I already have a couchsurfing host set up in Florence, so I'm hoping to get one in the other two places as well.

The David in all his glory in Florence

Right now, I'm in the middle of making a list of things I want to see and the costs so I can make sure I have enough money. An awesome thing is that I don't have to worry about the exchange rate, since Italy uses the Euro too.

The big things I want to see include: the Duomo and Accademia Gallery (where the David is) in Florence; and the Collosseum, Roman Forum, and the Vatican in Rome. The main reason for going to Naples is not only the ease of access to Pompeii, but also they also have an archaeology museum in Naples full of the stuff they've excavated at Pompeii, including "erotic frescoes" from the brothels, which is clearly something I want to see.

Who doesn't like ancient fresco porn??

I will be very sure to blog all about my trip once I go. I have about 6 weeks until I leave, so stay tuned! 

Also, I will leave you with a question: I'm going to fly from Paris-Pisa, Naples-Paris. The cheapest flights are the budget airlines, Ryan Air and EasyJet. I know I won't be getting any champagne on board, but is one of these carriers better than the other in any way, or are they about the same (not just in price, but service/timeliness/etc)? Thanks!

xx Kaylin

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