Monday, February 18, 2013

Day 49: Packing for Italy!

Hey guys! So I am headed to Paris tomorrow afternoon for my Immigration New Zealand x-ray appointment, and then on Wednesday morning, I am off to Italy! So, I thought I would make a packing list and share on here with some photos.

First of all, I am going carry-on only because I am flying EasyJet. They have really steep checked bag fees! I usually try to go carry-on only anyway, at least for shorter trips like this, but it is a little harder in the winter in Europe than when I went to Thailand/Cambodia last January. Nevertheless, I have prevailed! I even managed to have room to stuff my handbag in the top of my backpack, because EasyJet only allows ONE carry-on item... they won't even let you have a "personal item"! (How crappy is that? But my flight was super cheap, so I guess I can't complain... too much.)

So here are some pictures and explanation of what all I am packing for 10 days in Italy. Here goes!

All packed! The green folder on the right has all my paperwork for the doctor's appointment and my hostel reservation and train reservation information, as well as opening times and costs for sights. The green bit at the top is my handbag, which has various sundry items like a mini-hairbrush, lip balm, my wallet, etc.

Here is the inside of my outer pocket. My tablet and my converse are visible, flip flops stuffed down in the bottom (for hostel showers). I forgot my rain jacket so I packed it in here after the picture. The small very front zip pocket has my 100ml liquids bag in it.

My travel towel (purple; left), pajamas (lower middle), rain jacket (upper middle-- it stuffs into its own pocket), and my hoodie. Everything else got put in packing cubes.

I have the eBags packing cubes, and they are awesome! These two, which are the slim packing cubes, hold socks and underwear (top cube) and tights, bras, and my fold up flats (bottom).

Here's my "miscellaneous" cube. It is the small cube, from the cube pack with S M and L in it. It has my head lamp, hair ties, Q-tips, band-aids and pepto tablets, a washcloth, a sewing kit, deodorant, and some non-liquid makeup.

And here's my medium packing cube. It has all my other clothes in it, mostly shirts, one skirt, and one pair of jeggings. (See end of post for full packing list)

And here's me, packed and ready to go!

The only things I haven't packed yet are my phone, camera, headphones, and toothbrush. (I packed a travel toothpaste already.)

Full packing list: 
1 travel towel and 1 wash cloth
1 toothbrush and 1 toothpaste*
1 small bottle each of body wash and shampoo*
1 small tube of sunscreen*
1 small tube of face lotion*
Lip gloss tube*
1 small tube of antibiotic ointment (neosporin)*
1 powder compact
1 four-way eyeshadow
1 eyeliner stick
1 solid perfume tin
1 lip balm (nivea)
1 stick deodorant
Pepto tablets (for stomach ache)
Hair ties, head bands, and bobby pins
Aleve (anti-inflammatory/pain meds)
*all liquids above are in the 100ml ziploc for carry-on liquids

1 button-up top (gray)
1 hoodie (dark purple)
1 set of PJs (shorts/t-shirt)
1 button-up over shirt (plaid black and purple)^
2 t-shirts (black, purple)
1 long-sleeve t-shirt (gray)
1 3/4 sleeve "heat-tech" layering shirt^
2 light sweaters (black, gray; one is a cardigan to wear over things, one is dressier if I want to go out to a bar/etc)
1 tank top (black, for layering)
2 pairs of tights (black, gray; for layering and wearing with skirts)
2 skirts (both black; one is almost knee-length, the other is a mini)
1 pair of black skinny pants^
1 pair jeggings
1 (faux) leather jacket^
1 scarf (purple and black)^
1 pair converse sneakers
1 pair black boots^
1 rain jacket
A full amount of socks and undies for the trip
3 bras- 1 sports bra, 2 regular
My fold-up slippers/flats for wearing around the hostel, etc.
^these are items I am wearing on the plane

Camera + extra batteries
Phone + charger
Tablet + charger
USB thingies for uploading/storing pictures
Sewing kit (a couple needles and safety pins, and some purple and black thread)
Head lamp
Money belt (for hiding passport, cards, and extra cash)
Ear plugs
Extra ziploc bags
My folder of paperwork
a tiny notepad + pens
wallet with a little cash so I'm not always digging in the money belt
My green handbag for carrying around during the day

As you can see, my clothing color scheme is black and gray, with a splash of purple (my favorite color). I'm so proud of myself for color coordinating! Everything's all match-y. :D

So that's it! The full list. How do you normally pack, carry on only or checked bag? Do you think this is a lot of stuff, or not nearly enough? Let me know in the comments!

My next blog will be from Italy!!!!
See you then,
Kaylin xx

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